Organic Baby Formula – Three Reasons

Even though physicians usually recommend breastfeeding as the most ideal source of nutrition to your baby, many people today opt to use organic baby formula as a supplement or exclusively as the only source of nutrition to their babies. Organic baby formula is preferred to the standard formula because it is not exposed to pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals whatsoever. In fact, organic baby formulas are made from either soy products or cow’s milk. Alternatively, the formula can be made from protein hydrolysate specifically for babies allergic to soy and milk. This formula is available as a liquid concentrate, powder or ready to eat form to enable parents choose their preferred variety.

The following are benefits of feeding your baby organic formula:

1. The formula is free of pesticides
Normally, children eats more than adults and hence they are at a greater risk of being exposed to pesticides, heavy metals or any other chemicals found in the food they eat. If your baby feeds on organic baby formula, you will be protecting him or her from lung damage, dysfunction of endocrine, reproductive or immune systems among other developmental problems caused by consuming pesticides.

2. It enhances better mental development
Organic baby formula
contains polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as Omega- 3 fatty acids which facilitates both physical and mental development. Furthermore, since organic formula does not have heavy metals which limit brain development, your child has a better chance of having a normal brain development process.

3. It has more vitamins
According to research, organic baby formula contains higher levels of some nutrients especially vitamins which facilitate growth and development of your child. In addition, the formula is rich in antioxidants and high amounts of lutein which is very helpful in a child’s eyesight.

Although organic baby foods have all the benefits, you should be very keen when buying organic baby formula since some organic formulas have been sweetened with brown rice syrup which may have low levels of arsenic. It is therefore advisable to read the ingredients list of all baby formula varieties you are feeding your baby to ensure that it does not contain any additives which may harm your baby. In addition, remember to consult your baby’s physician for advice, opinions and suggestions before you switch to organic baby formula.