Enjoy The Anti Aging Benefits Of The Goji Berry

The goji berry just may be the most powerful of all anti-aging foods on the market. More and more people are discovering the power of the goji berry, also known as lyceum barbarum.

The History Of The Goji Berry

The goji berry has long enjoyed a privileged place in traditional oriental medicine, and it has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. For many in the modern world, however, the goji berry has remained a well kept secret.

Many in traditional medicine have noted that many of the longest living people in the world eat a diet rich in the goji berry, and this tiny red fruit may well be one of the most powerful of all anti-aging foods.

One of the reasons that fruits like the cranberry are so much more effective than packaged vitamin pills is that fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of nutrients, including the important phytonutrients which have been shown in study after study to lead to increased levels of health and fitness.

The First Healers

Some of the first healers to recognize the power of the goji berry were the Himalayans. These traditional people shared their knowledge of the goji berry and it healing properties with the herbalists of Tibet, China and India. One of the most highly prized elements of these traditional herbalists were the fruits of the goji vine, which had flourished in the valleys of the Himalayas for thousands of years. Those herbalists took this powerful food back home with them, and they continued to spread the word about the power of the goji berry.

There are many varieties of goji berry, grown in many parts of the world, and as the popularity of this food continues to grow, more and more people are growing the goji berry for profit. The most powerful and nutrient rich goji berries, however, still come from plants grown in the valleys of the Himalaya mountains, so it is important for buyers to understand where there supplements come from.

What Makes The Goji Berry So Special?

The goji berry contains four individual polysaccarides, also known as phytonutrient compounds. These phytonutrient compounds work in the body to direct and carry instructions used by the cells of the body to communicate with one another. These polysaccharides are often referred to by scientists as master molecules, due to their ability to control many important functions of the body and its immune system.

The goji berries grown in the Himalayan valley exhibit a well balanced level of these various polysaccharides, and they have a greater nutrient density than berries grown elsewhere in the world.

There are many ways that the goji berry can be used in a healthy diet, including supplements, juices and the fruits themselves. There are many places to buy goji berries and goji juice as well, from traditional supermarkets to specialty and whole foods retailers. When buying goji berries, however, it is important to purchase them only from top quality suppliers who are as concerned about your good health as you are. It is also important to know where your goji berries or goji juice comes from, since the goji berries grown in the valleys of the Himalayas can be far more nutritious than those grown in other parts of the world. The goji berry is one of the most exciting and useful new food to be discovered by the modern world, showing how the wisdom of the ancient world is once again shedding new light on common health problems.

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